Fieldpiece SDP2 Dual In-Duct Psychrometer

Fieldpiece SDP2 Dual In-Duct Psychrometer
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Fieldpiece SDP2

Dual In-Duct Psychrometer


Dual In-Duct Psychrometer - SDP2

The Fieldpiece Voltage Accessory, model AVH1, is designed for use with our data logger model DL3 to record voltage over a period of time or with our EHDL1 electronic handle to get the MIN or Max while freeing up your meter for other tests.User's Manual

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What is It?

The Fieldpiece SDP2 Dual In-Duct Psychrometer is more than just your everyday HVACR psychrometer.  It gives HVACR professionals more insight into HVAC evaporator performance than any other psychrometer, because it takes four evaporator measurements at one time:  supply wet bulb, supply dry bulb, return wet bulb, and return dry bulb. 

So HVACR professionals get a live, real-time snap shot of the evaporator performance, even while conditions are changing.  Based on these live, dynamic readings, the SDP2 Dual In-Duct Psychrometer registers system changes as they happen, and automatically calculates actual Delta-T, Target Delta-T, actual Evaporator Exit Temperature, and Target Evaporator Exit Temperature.  Plus enthalpy (BTU/LBM) and Dew Point can be displayed in real-time.

* The SDP2 is a great tool to help HVACR professionals do more all by itself.  But couple it with the HG3 System Analyzer and/or the SMAN4 Digital Manifold, and your work improves dramatically in an instant.  Not only are you checking and servicing a unit based on live real-time measurements, but the wireless communication lets you be in two or more places at one time!  

  • Sends live indoor wet bulb readings to the SMAN4 Digital Manifold while charging at the condenser
  • Real-time Target Evaporator Exit Temperature and Target Delta T
  • Displays actual indoor unit performance, AND calculates how indoor unit should be performing
  • Shows enthalpy change across the evaporator -- in real-time
  • Wirelessly sends all 4 evaporator temperatures to the HG3 System Analyzer for full system diagnostics
  • Plus:
    - Hands-free testing
    - Bright backlight
    - Threaded probe locks
    - Ruled, 38" telescoping probes
    - Magnetic hanger
    - Rugged design
    - Dual display

What's Included

  • Dual In-Duct Psychrometer - SDP2
  • Two Threaded RCONEs - RCONE1
  • Blow Molded Case with Padding
  • Operator’s manual


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The Wireless HVAC Guide® System Analyzer, model HG3 and ET2W Wireless Transmitter turn any Fieldpiece Accessory Head into a wireless device.  The new HG3 makes it easy to accurately diagnosis a system because up to 13 measurements can be taken simultaneously to give you real-time data.  Tests include: Target Evaporator Exit Temperature (delta T, evaporator drop, drop across the coil), Target Superheat, Superheat, Subcooling, Combustion Analysis and the CheckMe!® test.  In addition, the HG3 includes automatic calculation of CFM tests for up to 13 grilles, and data logging for up to 13 parameters.



The SMAN4 is a 4-port, wireless digital manifold with a large 3/8" port for faster evacuations and recovery.  With four ports and a built-in vacuum gauge, HVACR professionals can now evacuate a system, pull a vacuum, add refrigerant and dial in the charge at one time, without having to hook and unhook any hoses.