Fieldpiece AAT3 Accessory Head Air Velocity and Temperature

Fieldpiece AAT3 Accessory Head Air Hot-wire Anemometer, and Psychrometer Available Now
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Fieldpiece AAT3 Accessory Head Air Velocity and Temperature

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NEW! AAT3 In-duct, Hot-wire Anemometer and Psychrometer from Fieldpiece Instruments

The AAT3 hot-wire anemometer and psychrometer accessory head is part of the next generation of In-Duct products from Fieldpiece! The AAT3 probe extends to 38-in. and measures %RH, wet bulb, dry bulb, dew point, and air velocity. It’s a perfect partner to the new Wireless HG3 System Analyzer because it can send the measurements wirelessly to the HG3 from up to 100-ft. away with an ET2W or an EH4W. The next generation of Fieldpiece Psychrometers! In-duct Digital Psychrometric readings in the palm of your hand!

1.)       Temp (WB, DB, DP)

2.)       Relative Humidity (%RH)

3.)       38” telescoping wand for in-duct measuring.

4.)       Thin 3/8” probe

5.)       APO

6.)       Air Velocity (AAT3)

7.)       Optional RCONE

 and more

1.)    Connect accessory head to Fieldpiece HS meter.

2.)    Select mVDC range on meter.

3.)    Remove vinyl slip cover from the probe tip.

4.)    Select desired switch position on accessory head for temperature, %RH, or air velocity.

5.)    Read your measurement directly on the display of the Fieldpiece meter.


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