Fieldpiece ASP2 Static Pressure Probes

Fieldpiece ASP2 Static Pressure Probes
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  • Item #: Fieldpiece ASP2
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  • Manufacturer's Product Number: ASP2
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Fieldpiece ASP2

 Includes two (2) Probes Per Pack.

Static Pressure Probes


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Static Pressure Probes - ASP2
The ASP2 Static Pressure Probe two-pack makes taking static pressure measurements in ductwork easier, faster and more accurate than using manometer tubes alone.  Features a magnetic flange and directional arrow for hands free use and to ensure proper positioning and optimal performance.  Works with all Fieldpiece manometers.

Fieldpiece ASP2 Static Pressure Probes. These new static pressure probes make taking static pressure readings in duct work more accurate and easier. The field technician simply removes the brass fittings from the ends of the manometer tubes, inserts the new ASP2 and measures.The probes allow technicians to take static pressure measurements directly facing the duct air stream for more accurate measurements than the flexible manometer tubes alone. They're constructed with nickel-plated copper for durability and are sold separately as an accessory to our manometer products. The part number ASP2 includes two (2) probes per pack.