Mastercool 69HVAC-Pro Refrigerant Identifier

Mastercool 69HVAC-Pro Refrigerant Identifier
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  • Item #: Mastercool 69HVAC-Pro
  • Manufacturer: Mastercool
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 69HVAC-Pro
  • Condition: New
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Mastercool 69HVAC-Pro

Refrigerant Identifier


•    Oil contamination resistant
•    Refrigerant composition breakdown of more than a dozen refrigerants
•    Internal thermal printer provides documentation on the spot
•    Remote software updates for new refrigerants
•    Stable infrared (IR), thirteen sensor detection system
•    Multiple refrigerant detection with percentage purity display
•    Component breakdown from vapor or liquid samples
•    Designed for HVAC and Refrigeration applications
•    Large graphic display with soft keys
•    Ergonomically designed case with integral hand grips and rubber over-molding
•    Optional rechargeable battery kit
•    Automatic calibration with on board electric pump
•    Built in high quality, printer module
•    Oil resistant metal filter with simple, low cost replacement
•    Fully electronic operation with no scheduled sensor replacement Benefits:
•    Provides the widest range of portable refrigerant detection available on the market
•    Detect, identify and analyze R22, R134A, R404A, R407C, R410A and more.
•    Improves accuracy on fractionated refrigerants by offering a liquid sample mode and displaying the component breakdown of pure samples
•    Offers universal analysis for all industries and multiple applications
•    User-friendly operation with on screen prompts for easy to understand operation and minimal training time and cost
•    Provides durability, robustness, and easy to grip operation
•    Universal power for use worldwide and uninterrupted operation
•    Allows operation in remote areas where AC power is not readily available
•    Provides consistent calibration before every test
•    Print out on the spot test results without the need for external devices. Keep a permanent record of every test
•    Significantly reduces oil contamination from overcharged systems and recovered cylinders
•    Offers low cost of ownership and years of reliable service


Frequently Asked Questions.

1.    What is a refrigerant identifier? A refrigerant analyzer is an instrument designed to differentiate between various types of refrigerants and analyze their component content.
2.    How do refrigerant analyzers work? Each type of refrigerant has a unique infrared signature. Analyzers take a small sample of the refrigerant and use infrared technology to interpret these signatures and analyze the refrigerant. Certain refrigerants can be analyzed in depth including determining the component breakdown. Other refrigerants can only be identified.
3.    What refrigerants can the Mastercool 69HVAC-Pro Refrigerant Identifier analyze? The instrument can analyze R134A, R22, Hydrocarbons, R404A, R407C and R410A.
4.    What refrigerants can the Mastercool 69HVAC-Pro Refrigerant Identifier? The instrument can identify many other refrigerants including R408, R409, R417, R422 and R427.
5.    How is the test results displayed? Test results are displayed on the LCD display including the refrigerant type and percentage. The total of the percentages will be 100%. Eg. R22 95%, R134A 5%.
6.    What happens if I test a refrigerant that is not on the list of refrigerants this unit can test? If the refrigerant tested is not measured by the instrument, a result of “Unknown Refrigerant” will be displayed.
7.    Does the Mastercool 69HVAC-Pro Refrigerant Identifier require calibration? Yes, calibration is automatic and done prior to each test. An annual factory recalibration is recommended.
8.    How many filters does the unit have? The Mastercool 69HVAC-Pro Refrigerant Identifier has two filters. One metal filter at the coupler end of the hose and a white filter on the unit.
9.    What does the metal filter near the coupler do? The metal filter has two functions. It reduces pressure and slows the migration of oil and liquid refrigerant. For sampling liquid, this filter may require frequent replacement.
10.    What does the white filter on the top of my unit do and do I have to replace it? The filter on the top of the unit prevents small amounts of oil and liquid from getting into the unit. If red spots appear on the filter, it should be changed.
11.    How do I know when either filters needs to be replaced? If oil or liquid appears in the clear hose the metal filter should be replaced. If pink or red spots appear on the white filter it should be replaced.
12.    Can the filters be cleaned? No, the filters cannot be cleaned. They must be replaced with new unused filters.
13.    What different powering options are there? This unit can be powered in two ways: The default 90 – 240 VAC power adapter or an optional internal battery.
14.    How many tests can be run before the optional internal battery must be recharged? The Mastercool 69HVAC-Pro Refrigerant Identifier can run approximately 30 tests on a freshly charged battery.
15.    Can I power my unit from my battery charger? No, the battery charger can only charge the internal battery.
16.    Can it test liquid refrigerant? Yes, a liquid testing assembly is supplied with the unit and must be used if testing liquid.
17.    Are liquid tests more accurate? Generally, the results are the same for testing liquid or vapor. Gas Chromatographs use liquid samples to get the best representation of the sample contents.
18.    What is the maximum sample pressure? The maximum pressure rating is 300 Psig.
19.    What is the minimum pressure required for operation? The minimum pressure required for accurate readings is 20 Psig.