Mastercool 98315 Wireless Refrigerant Scale with Solenoid

Mastercool 98315 Wireless Refrigerant Charging Scale with Solenoid
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  • Item #: Mastercool 98315
  • Manufacturer: Mastercool
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: Mastercool 98315
  • Condition: New
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Mastercool 98315

Wireless Refrigerant Charging

Scale with Solenoid


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• Wireless unit prevents unwanted tangles in wires

• Easily store the remote in the body of the platform

• Keypad provides synchronization and zeroing

• Extremely accurate weight sensor

• Magnet on remote allows easy placement on fixtures

• Battery life symbol for platform and remote constantly displayed on LCD

• Wireless signal strength indicator conveniently displays on remote



Allows user to program desired quantities. Before charge is complete, an alarm will sound allowing ample time to turn off refrigerant supply.


EMPTY/FULL tank feature allows user to know the amount of refrigerant in the tank at any time.

 PAUSE/CHARGE (98315 model only):

This feature allows user to stop and continue charging.

 REPEAT (98315 model only):

Allows user to charge previously stored amount.


• Capacity: 243 lbs (110 kg)

• Accuracy: [±0.01 lb / ±0.005 kg] or 0.1% of reading whichever is greater.

• Resolution: 0.02 lb / 0.01 kg

• Automatic Shut-Off: After 3 hours

• Operating Temperature: 32˚F to 120˚F (0˚C to 49˚C)

• Battery Life: Monitor - approximately 20 hours; platform - approximately 30 hours

• 31 cm x 31 cm Platform

• Accepts all US & EU standard cylinders