Refrigeration Technologies RT910T 2 Tubes of 3oz Silicone Grease

Refrigeration Technologies RT910T 2 Tubes of 3oz Silicone Grease Food Grade
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  • Item #: Refrigeration Technologies RT910
  • Manufacturer: refrigeration Technologies
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: Refrigeration Technologies RT910T
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Refrigeration Technologies
division of RTX Scientific, Inc.

2 Tube of Silicone Grease
Food Grade
Part #RT910T
Size: 3 Ounce Tube


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Food Grade Silicone 95%, with antioxidant and corrosion inhibitors. NSF authorized for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants. Rated H-1 for incidental food contact. A very inert Non-Toxic material having exceptional physical and thermal stability.

The lubricant of choice for food handling equipment, mechanical devices, water fixtures, medical and laboratory appliances. Used as a dielectric grease, waterproofing sealant, rubber conditioner, o-ring lube, vacuum service, glass fittings and especially where lubrication is need with extreme temperature swings.

Silicone Greases are used as a clean lubricant substitute in places where petroleum oils are inadequate or not desirable. Silicones are compatible with most plastics, rubber, leather, composite fibers and metal. Waterproof and chemical resistant. Stable consistency over a wide temperature range with extremely low volatility.

Silicone Grease is NSF Registered for use in Food Processing Areas with incidental Food Contact
Click Here for the NSF Approval Letter (PDF)

Click Here for the Material Safety Data Sheet (PDF)


Color ------ Clear-White
Penetration ------ 3
Flash Point D-217 >570 F
Bleed F. S. 791 None
Dropping Point D-566 None
Pour Point D-97 -45 F
Water Washout D-1264 0.75%
Evaporation Loss D-972 30% @ 390F
Specific Gravity D-2225 1.03