Trinity Force AR 223 CQ Multi-Ported MBrake FH223D

Trinity Force AR 223 CQ Multi-Ported MBrake FH223D
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  • Item #: FH223D
  • Manufacturer: Trinity Force
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: FH223D
  • Condition: New
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Trinity Force

AR 15 .223 CQ Multi-Ported Muzzle Brake

FH223D With Crush Washer 1/2X28


FREE S&H NOCC Shipping with USPS Tracking number Product Info The .223 CQ Muzzle Brake is a compact muzzle brake that features two oversized venting chambers to minimize felt recoil. it is also equipped with top drilled venting holes to reduce muzzle rise. When installed, the .223 CQ Muzzle Brake can enhance follow up shot accuracy and improve rifle controllability when fired. It also keeps overall rifle length as short as possible. For your safety, Trinity Force recommends this part be installed by a competent, qualified gunsmith/installer with an understanding of the weapon platform that the part is being installed on. Always make sure the firearm is unloaded and pointed in a safe direction when working.